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Meet the Village

There are so many fun and unique characters that make Quigley’s Village special! Here is your chance to get to know the Village a little better. Learn what each character likes and doesn’t like and what makes each character special to the Village.


Quigley's Village Characters
Mr. Quigley Character Photo


Mr. Quigley is the leader of the village. He is sensitive to the kids in the village and wise in providing Godly wisdom in the many situations that arise during the daily activities of the villagers.

Danny Character Image


Danny Lion is the son of Mr and Mrs Lion. Danny is an avid Chicago Cubs baseball fan and loves to play hide-and-go-seek. Danny and his sister Lemon have a typical brother-sister rivalry. His favorite toy is a Blobit. He is also good at putting puzzles together.

Lemon Character Image


Lemon is Danny's younger sister. Lemon's favorite toy is Mrs. Toddy, a doll. Lemon loves to jump rope and is sensitive to being the little sister. Lemon is active and is always looking for ways to use her imagination.

Bubba's Character Photo


Bubba is a gorilla. He is just a big kid. He is lovable in every way but has one small flaw: his love for Bananas. Bubba's room decorations, clothes, conversations, and every meal consists of bananas. Also Bubba isn't very good at most sports, but no one can match him at climbing.

Spike Character Image


Spike is a porcupine. Spike is a tomboy and is very competitive although she gets along with most everyone. She is good at things like jumping rope and working with computers. Her favorite toy is the Big Blue Babble Bubble Machine, but do porcupines and balloons work well together?

Trundle Chararacter Image


Trundle is a toucan. Trundle gives Mr. Quigley the letter each morning that begins the day and is the last character at the end of each program. Trundle loves popcorn. Trundle is the village detective and is up on the latest news. Sometimes Trundle gets into trouble with all the information he knows by being a tattle tale. He really isn't trying to hurt anyone but can't help himselft. Trundle is adventurous and really wants to head for the "Big City" one day but for now sleeps in a cage on Mr. Quigley's porch.